Airplane Mode

Independent rock and roll

Airplane Mode is an indie rock band from New York City.

We document our progress as musicians, share our thoughts on music, and invite others to join us in the creative process. Everything is in experiment.

We also release demos, make music videos and behind-the-scenes clips, stream performances, and have a podcast. Whatever the Internet will allow.

And thanks to our Patreon supporters and generous corporate sponsors like Squarespace we get to make this a primary focus, not just a hobby. Modern music is part art, part technology, and part business. We embrace all three.

We really, really love music, and pull inspiration from everything: '90s alternative, classic rock, jazz, and especially pop. Our sound is one part Foo Fighters, one part The Killers, and a dash of Taylor Swift. We love to make noise, and we want to make people move.

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