Airplane Mode is an indie rock band from New York City.

Our music is upbeat and irresistibly catchy, our videos are infectiously fun, and our acclaimed live shows are as much party/spectacle as musical performance. 

Sometimes you need to think. Sometimes you just need to dance. We want to be there for both.

We also recognize that the world has changed for professional musicians, so our band runs like a true business.

That means that sometimes we work with companies like Squarespace to make music videos that incorporate their message in a clever or interesting way.

These partnerships help us grow as artists and pay for the tools to make better stuff, but more importantly they allow us to make music a primary focus, not just a hobby. 

Modern music is part art, part technology, and part business. We embrace all three.

Our influences include The Killers, Walk the Moon, Taylor Swift, The Beatles, OK Go, Foo Fighters, Muse, The Stills, Katy Perry, Third Eye Blind, The Pixies, Kesha, and Ben Folds.

Vocals, guitar:  Dave Wiskus

Vocals, guitar: Dave Wiskus

Bass, other:  Joe Cieplinski

Bass, other: Joe Cieplinski

Keyboard:  Agnes Chan

Keyboard: Agnes Chan

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